Private Parties, Birthdays, Bachelorettes

One or more of the Sinner Saint performers can come to your event to teach an “Introduction to Burlesque,” an interactive experience for guests to learn some bump and grind dance moves, as well as feather boa and glove removal tricks. Loaner gloves and boas for the party are supplied.

This is popular with bachelorettes, birthdays and coming of age parties. A Celebration Package can be as simple as showing up with an ipod and teaching for an hour, or as elaborate as providing a dance studio, food, drink and presenting both a lesson and performance.

Venues, Festivals, Corporate Events

Need a burlesque dancer or host for a private event? Each of the professional performers can provide one or more theatrical strip teases (as well as other dance formats) at private events. They have both classic and contemporary burlesque acts, as well as many with different fun themes.

Want to have a whole show to yourself? The Sinner Saint Burlesque Revue can come to you! Solo and group acts for private and public events are available. Send your dream and budget, and Sinner Saint will tell you what scale of a show they can provide.

Commissioned Performances

The dancers of Sinner Saint Burlesque are requested from time to time to create a new act for a particular theme, meaning or specific purpose. Whether you’re searching for the perfect wedding present, an opening act for show-stopping event, or a masterpiece for a festival, Sinner Saint delights working with you to create a piece that brings your vision to life. As artists, we do take commissions that typically require an additional time commitment and cost. References of happy customers available upon request.

Performance-based workshops and retreats

From stage presence and stage make-up, to costume creation to confidence we offer workshops for beginner through advanced performing artists who want to deepen their personal and professional development. For troupes we also provide workshops on group dynamics, conflict resolution, decision-making, keeping your organization flexible and giving/receiving constructive feedback.

Private lessons/coaching

We provide intensive and compassionate one-on-one coaching to help you align to your passion, blast through a creative block, offer feedback on an act you are creating, and more. Have a group act or a troupe challenge you’d like feedback on? We can also arrange for a group coaching/feedback session focusing on anything from polishing your group act to bring it to the next level, to improving team dynamics and communication.

Community-based workshops and retreats

Designed for non-performers, these workshops help build community, reflect on woman-hood, and allow burlesque fans to play with burlesque methodology. Themes include: gaining leadership skills, building confidence, embodied storytelling, vulnerability, self-acceptance, creativity, and more.

Speaking, book readings and dialogues

We offer exhilarating and inspirational speaking for conferences, meetings, parties and private events. Topics include but are not limited to: female leadership, confidence, creativity, teamwork, failure, women’s issues, body-love, radical self-acceptance, vulnerability, authenticity, and more.

Want a private reading of Burlesque and Bequest, the book based off Inheritance? Schedule a reading with the author, as well as facilitated dialogue and Q&A.

Ignite Seattle 2015 – Morgen Schuler Photography

Igite Seattle 2015 – Morgen Schuler Photography

Info on Booking Burlesque Performers

While our prices do vary according to size, scope, intent and location of performance, expect to pay upwards of $100 for a professional performer. Seattle offers an abundance of burlesque performers that, like in any profession, range in level expertise and area of specialization. Sinner Saint Burlesque provides highly polished performers who have toured and produced shows internationally with a minimum of 7 years burlesque experience. They also have a minimum 10+ years of experience and training in additional forms of dance and performance art. Please use our contact form to discuss the rates of booking one of the performers of Sinner Saint Burlesque.

During the booking process you will be asked about the following things: a semi-private space for the performer to dress, store belongings, and retire to after performance (not a public bathroom), somewhere to use a mirror with light, the sound system and the floor surface of the performance space. In the event of striptease, a “pick up artist”, someone to pick up removed costume pieces, is also required. Depending on the event, that may be the person throwing the party or Sinner Saint may ask an additional fee to bring someone who is trained in handling props and costumes.

Expect any performer who is being booked for a solo number to bring a guest/escort at no cost to the performer.

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