The Masters of Sexy Summit

An unapologetic celebration and exploration of female sexual power. Through experiential activities, identify the biological, cognitive, emotional, sexual and spiritual attributes that lead to a more joyful, pleasurable, sexy and confident life.

Burlesque for the Boardroom

Burlesque for the Boardroom helps bold, passionate women build concrete leadership skills while celebrating the wild and glorified feminine. Discover what burlesque reveals about being a center stage boss in the boardroom, and how to leverage your feminine power to lead. Workshops, workbooks, coaching, speaking and articles crafted to help you build confidence, influence and personal presence.

Performance-based workshops and retreats

From stage presence and stage make-up, to costume creation to confidence we offer workshops for beginner through advanced performing artists who want to deepen their personal and professional development. For troupes we also provide workshops on group dynamics, conflict resolution, decision-making, keeping your organization flexible and giving/receiving constructive feedback.

Community-based workshops and retreats

Designed for non-performers, these workshops help build community, reflect on woman-hood, and allow burlesque fans to play with burlesque methodology. Themes include: gaining leadership skills, building confidence, embodied storytelling, vulnerability, self-acceptance, creativity, and more.

Private lessons/coaching

We provide intensive and compassionate one-on-one coaching to help you align to your passion, blast through a creative block, offer feedback on an act you are creating, and more. Have a group act or a troupe challenge you’d like feedback on? We can also arrange for a group coaching/feedback session focusing on anything from polishing your group act to bring it to the next level, to improving team dynamics and communication.

Speaking, book readings and dialogues

We offer exhilarating and inspirational speaking for conferences, meetings, parties and private events. Topics include but are not limited to: female leadership, confidence, creativity, teamwork, failure, women’s issues, body-love, radical self-acceptance, vulnerability, authenticity, and more.

Want a private reading of Burlesque and Bequest, the book based off Inheritance? Schedule a reading with the author, as well as facilitated dialogue and Q&A.

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