A workshop series that explores and celebrates female sexual power.

Through experiential activities, explore the biological, cognitive, emotional, sexual and spiritual attributes that lead to a more joyful, pleasurable, sexy and confident life. Add more intimacy to your art, spark to your relationships, and vitality to your spirit.

Get Out of Your Head and Into Your Vagina – Doña dei Cuori

After years of attempting to keep her professional world and burlesque world separate, Cat (Doña) confronted a provocative question: Can women be simultaneously credible, influential and sexual? Debunk critical myths about female sexuality and rewrite what it means to be sexy. Discover how female sexuality is enhances your creativity, consciousness, and confidence. Join Cat to get out of your head, into your vagina. Learn what leadership, love and life look like from female perspective when we embrace our sexuality.

Let’s Get Physical – Evilyn Sin Claire

We have become numb to joy and pleasure of our physical bodies. Rather than celebrating, delighting and relishing in our corporeal nature, we criticize, suppress and shame the vessels in which we live. Join Laura Rose to restore your connection and relationship to your physical body. Practice listening to your somatic cues. Reconnecting to your body can help you revive desire and feel powerful during sex. We’re going to move and groove as we journey deep into our bodies. Surrender to your wild nature and learn to adore your body again.

Divine Feminine Sacred Sexual Healing – Lady Tatas

Since the beginning of time, feminine sexuality has been demonized across cultures. What is sacred, has been named and shamed as profane. It’s time to reclaim that power and heal generations past, present and future through healing ourselves and honoring our sacred sexuality. Join Kiki to explore the relationship between personal power, healing, and sacred sexuality. Connect with what you desire. Through movement, meditation, and mantra we will learn how to harness and transform sexual energy into creative, healing energy.

Giving Oral: Your Voice, Your Power – Diva le Déviant & Sailor St. Claire

What does your sexual power have to do with using your voice, speaking your truth, and having an impact in any conversation? Sexual power is about using your mind and your mouth to create a group experience in which your audience is receptive. Great poets, emcees, and speakers know: your words, tone, verbal or nonverbal body language, pacing, and precision all serve to ignite passion. Learn how your sexual power and your voice work together to make you influential.

Summit Description

Everywhere you look, you find statistics on the plight of women. From the arts, media and education, to corporations and the boudoir, women are struggling to be valued and acknowledged for their unique strengths. It is time to change the conversation.

What would make a difference in your life to help you feel more confident, joyful and passionate? How would it impact your work, relationships and art if you did? When you think about feeling powerful and sexy on your terms, on a scale of 1-10:
– how open are you to receiving pleasure?
– how accepting and loving are you of your body?
– how energized and creative do you feel on a day to day basis?
– how many of your fantasies are you willing to ask for?
– how much does your sexuality enhance your work?

Participants can expect to walk away with:

  • An increase in their self-acceptance, self-trust and self-love.
  • An authentic and personalized definition of sexy.
  • A stronger sense of connection and clearer communication with your physical body.
  • A deeper understanding of how your thoughts, feelings, body and spirit work together to help you heal, thrive and live an abundantly sensual life.
  • Exercises, tips and strategies to intensify your joy, desire, pleasure, confidence and expressed personal power.
  • An awareness of how your sexuality strengthens your art, relationships, work and life.

Registration Info

Early Bird (before 5/22) – $90 full day
Regular Registration – $120 full day
Late Registration (after 6/5) – $150 full day
Drop-in Rate – $35 per workshop


  • 8:30 am Registration and Check-in
  • 9 am Get Out of Your Head and Into Your Vagina
  • 10:45 am Let’s Get Physical
  • 12:15 pm Lunch
  • 1:15 pm Divine Feminine Sacred Sexual Healing
  • 3 pm Giving Oral: Your Voice, Your Power
  • 4:30 pm Closing Ceremonies
  • 5 pm Adjourn

Who is Masters of Sexy for…

The woman who’s spent thousands of dollars trying to feel sexy…

The woman who has spent thousands of dollars trying to feel sexy – little black dresses from Nordstrom’s rack, lingerie, mascara, cellulite cream, waxing, hot yoga and skinny girl vodka tonics. You’ve used harsh chemicals, had painful treatments, and perhaps considered surgery…all to feel sexy. You’re good at performing sexy. But you don’t feel free. And you intuitively know you could be feeling more pleasure. You’re strongly considering burning your Spanx for real this time.

The woman who sees through society’s bullshit…

The well-read, socially responsible person who sees through the veils of society. You’re starting to give less fucks about doing things “the right way,” and you want to have a more provocative conversation about femininity, sexuality and personal power. You are masterful at taking care of others, at home, at work and among your friends. You like to experiment. You’ve been to Babeland. You’ve been wanting to take a pole dancing class, or get boudoir photography. Why? Because it is finally time to treat yourself.

The woman who likes to dare greatly…

The heroine who reads Brene Brown and wants to dare greatly and bravely. You don’t buy what the media sells and tells you is sexy. You want to reclaim your sexiness, vitality and confidence on your terms. You want your most authentic self to be in the driver seat. You know what else you read? Erotic novels. And you’re not afraid to recommend one to a friend in need.

The woman who loves her independence…

The independent woman who is generally content. By all accounts, you’re successful and the boss of your life. You’ve got your favorite restaurants, furniture, art. But you have this gut feeling that there might be something more: an elusive wild freedom, deep intimacy, euphoric sex, and abundant pleasure. You’re not even sure if that’s possible. We’re here to tell you, it is. Our Masters of Sexy want to show you how to deconstruct the way you’ve been told to be sexy, and build your own brand of sexy.

The artist who wants to challenge the patriarchy…

The dancer, painter, singer, writer and creator who knows there are few things more political than the female body. You want to deepen connection and intimacy with your audience, take a stand against body-shaming, and help people heal from the wounds of misogyny. Art is your activism, your personal therapy, and your gift. You want to use it to make personal, social and political transformational change.

Get to know our Master Presenters

Renowned showstoppers, the owners and producers of Sinner Saint Burlesque are known for their high-quality feminist education and entertainment. Celebrating their 10 year anniversary in 2016, these women have performed in every major venue in Seattle.

Doña Dei Cuori – Cat Cuevas, MA

Cat is a feminine leadership evangelist, educational thought leader, expert facilitator, and believer that well behaved women seldom make history. It is her mission to lead a world where women are looked up to as business, community, political and spiritual leaders. She’s worked with over 20,000 people globally helping them learn the cognitive, emotional, social, intuitive and cultural leadership competencies needed to facilitate transformational, systemic change. Cat is a provocative public speaker as noted in her talk at Town Hall, “To Be a Great Leader, Perform Burlesque,” where she challenged the audience to celebrate women as simultaneously credible, influential and sexual.

Cat is determined to break the patriarchy and replace it with a model of leadership that exalts the remarkable attributes of the feminine. Her alter ego, Dona dei Cuori, is co-owner, producer and principal performer of the international performing arts troupe, Sinner Saint Burlesque. She enjoys crafting characters that revel in royalty, politics and pleasure. Author, speaker, trainer, performer, coach, consultant and entrepreneur, she is tenacious in her pursuit of building a femmepire of women who rewrite the story of business, politics and pleasure from the feminine perspective. Cat holds a MA in International Peace and Conflict Resolution, and a MA in Leadership and Organizational Development.

Evilyn Sin Claire

Laura Rose is an award-winning belly dancer, instructor and performing artist who brings a ravenous hunger for life’s pleasures to everything she does. Laura Rose Flynn grew up surrounded by Middle Eastern music & dance, feminist performance art, and rock ‘n’ roll. She studied theater as a teen, and filmmaking as a young adult. Her 2003 professional belly dancing debut was on tour with Delilah & live music by Sirocco, and she subsequently rounded out her study of belly dance with masters of the craft in many different styles. Her well known burlesque alter-ego, Evilyn Sin Claire, co-founded Sinner Saint Burlesque in 2006, and has graced & grinded on just about every Seattle cabaret stage and beyond; teaching & performing as Laura Rose or Evilyn around the US & South Korea, and in Tokyo, London, Vancouver BC. Whatever the style of performance or dance, she always brings to the stage a presentation rich in character and drama. She also loves to howl at the moon.

Lady Tatas

Lady Tatsis a Reiki Healing Master who combines her energy work and artistic talents to promote personal, spiritual and sexual healing. A graduate of Delphi University and a student of Phi Nguyen, she specializes in Reiki energy work and mediumship. Her personal mission is to help others access joy, creativity and healing through a collective of modalities. Born to a painter, making art was an integral part of everyday life, thanks to her mother and a lineage of women artists. Creative expression was a way of life, and going on to achieve a B.A. in Interdisciplinary Visual Arts from UW only made sense. As a performing artist, Lady Tatas, sews together camp and flare, drawing on humor, surrealism, raw sexuality and movement driven work. She’s inspired by the vast spectrum of drag culture, John Waters films, old musicals, Lucille Ball, mythology and goddess archetypes. She is an owner, producer and principle performer with Sinner Saint Burlesque.

Diva le Déviant – Sasha Summer Cousineau

Sasha is a savvy business owner, fierce activist, and powerhouse. By day, Sasha is one of Seattle’s premiere auctioneers, and co-owner of Revel Rouser Events, an innovative event planning company that believes in going beyond the ordinary and the expected. She is also a long time social justice activist. She worked at NARAL Pro-Choice Washington for nine years and spent 6 years serving on the board of The CAIR Project, having worked as the Hotline Coordinator first and ending as Board President. Prior to her reproductive health and rights work, she worked for nearly a decade as a domestic violence/sexual assault victims advocate and community educator.

By night, Sasha becomes Diva le Déviant, “Seattle’s Bitch in Charge” as an artistic director, narrative writer, and emcee. In 2011 she was one-third of the power trio that brought you the summer-long series of events known as the Beebo Brinker Lesbian Pulp Festival. Diva has written and performed theatrical narrative for cabarets including Beebo Brinker Pulp Cabaret at ACT Theatre, Sound and Smoke at The Can Can Cabaret, and others. Her unique stamp on the performance landscape can be attributed to her passion for fusing theater with cabaret by moving easily between scripted lines and improv, adeptly “breaking the fourth wall” to uniquely engage the audience in a sexy journey. Diva also performs as the Germanic gender-bending lothario, Daddy Z Deviant. Entrepreneur and activist by day, cabaret performer by night, this queer, feminist woman is proud to be a self-proclaimed “actrevist and empowertainer”.

Sailor St. Claire

A curvaceous red-head with scintillating wit and copious charms, Stevi has been putting her knowledge of the literary canon to more-than-scholarly uses since 2009. She’s crafted elegant and erudite stripteases that offer audiences an education in the humanitease. This award-winning burlesque artist is a member of Sinner Saint Burlesque, and has performed from coast to coast, as well as in Canada and the UK. She is the producer of Tuesday Tease, a monthly burlesque revue with live musical accompaniment, and the co-producer of the Seattle chapter of Naked Girls Reading. During daylight hours, The Showgirl Scholar can be found teaching, writing, and studying at the University of Washington, where she is completing her PhD in American Literature. Her scholarly work focuses on extraordinary bodies, and she enjoys writing and reading about freaks, strippers, and prosthetics. She is also very fond of books, cats, and gin.

We live in a society that is sex-negative and sex-shaming especially as it relates to the oppression, repression and ownership of the female body. This is why we hold workshops like Masters of Sexy – because there are limited safe spaces for women to explore sexuality/gender as it relates to their art, work, relationships and lives.

We aim to provide a sex-positive, intimate and provocative dialogue about how the arts are a form of activism and transformational change, not only for the stage but for our lives. This is part of our core values as artists and as a business. We believe in art as a vehicle for social change, and education as a pedagogy for social justice and peace.

In our art and in our lives we take a stand for LBGTQ and female-identifying artists whose bodies and sexual identities are criticized, minimized, commodified, objectified, molested and told to be invisible. Our workshops are about becoming more whole, healthy and happy human beings through the arts.

Our mission is to celebrate the human experience through smart, sexy, entertaining education. The Masters of Sexy Summit vision is to change the conversation women are having about how their sex and gender impact their lives … To one where people exalt and celebrate the biological, emotional, cognitive, sexual and spiritual attributes of women and the feminine.

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