One of Sinner Saint Burlesque’s core values is to affect our burlesque community thoughtfully and responsibly. The troupe as a whole enjoys great relationships with other performers, producers, photographers and venues, and each of the Sinner Saint performers can frequently be seen working in other productions as solo artists or collaboratively. Below are a variety of ways in which Sinner Saint Burlesque participates in the health of the burlesque community as a whole.

In addition, troupe members volunteer and provide community service to a number of other organizations including: Seeds of Compassion, the Association for Talent Development, 501 Commons Executive Service Corps, AAUW, and Center for Women and Democracy.

Community Shows

Sinner Saint Burlesque believes art and story-telling are essential to a healthy and thriving world. Therefore, they create an exalted space for women in our community to share their personal and political art and stories, and to heal.The troupe hosts unique productions spotlighting local artists, and promoting community connection, both personal and political. This showcases the art, talent, passions and legacy of women in the Pacific Northwest and Seattle area. Expect to see dance, poetry, painting, singing, storytelling, education and advocacy. Engage with local artists and audiences to start a conversation about how art impacts you.

Advanced Burlesque Workshops

Sinner Saint Burlesque offers mentorship opportunities to local burlesquers who are just cutting their teeth and interested in learning about the ins and outs of a professional burlesque troupe’s operation. We give instruction on practical topics like makeup application, costuming, and choreography as well as a chance for attendees to show works in progress and receive thoughtful feedback and advice. The Advanced Burlesque workshops also provide guidance about the business side of running a troupe, inviting attendees to take part in brainstorming sessions while planning an upcoming show, discussing budgeting and marketing strategies, and exploring the benefits and challenges of troupe social dynamics. Many attendees of this clinic are actively developing troupes of their own. Sinner Saint is thrilled to be a resource to so many growing organizations in the local community!


Sinner Saint Burlesque believes in the power of learning through doing. By periodically welcoming up-and-coming members of the local burlesque community into the troupe for temporary internship positions, the troupe builds community and provides experiential education. Interns have an illustrious reputation for quickly moving up in the burlesque world during and following their time with Sinner Saint. Some become troupe members, others are inspired to create or develop artistic collectives of their own; all are endowed with the support of a loving burlesque family and the tools necessary for catapulting their own careers into greatness.


BurlyCon is the only major international burlesque event devoted entirely to burlesque education and community building. It offers worldwide (and is indeed attended by a wide spanning international audience) opportunity for individual burlesquers to come together and share knowledge, friendship, and support one another. Since BurlyCon’s 2008 inception, members of Sinner Saint Burlesque have served on the core steering committee for the event’s organization. The troupe as a whole volunteers annually at the event itself as well. Sinner Saint is proud to support the global burlesque community by helping create this invaluable, unique place of learning.

Burlesque Hall of Fame

Formerly known as the “Miss Exotic World Pageant,” the Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekend is a four-day extravaganza of burlesque competition, royalty, and history that takes place annually in Las Vegas, Nevada. Integral to the international community, this event honors burlesque legends both living and deceased through performance and artifacts held on display at the Burlesque Hall of Fame. Members of Sinner Saint support this invaluable festival, making an annual pilgrimage to participate in the weekend’s dazzling events. Sinner Saint is very honored by the fact that troupe members have been repeatedly invited to perform at a number of showcases throughout the weekend, representing our special brand of shimmy and shake to the community at large.

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