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Inheritance: Maiden, Mother, Crone

Performance by Sinner Saint Burlesque

Sinner Saint Burlesque

Sasha Summer Cousineau, Catrina Cuevas, Laura Rose Flynn,
Sara Robinson, Kristi Krein, Nancy Blanco, Stevi Costa

Saturday, February 14, 2015
7:00 – 10:00pm (includes post show discussion)
$20 WOW members, $25 non members

Special VIP Seating – $30.00

Must be 13 years old. Under 18 must be accompanied by an adult

Sponsored by Sinner Saint Burlesque

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After the show there will be a discussion held between the audience and the performers to explore the topics brought up during the performance.

“Inheritance: Maiden, Mother, Crone” blends Sinner Saint’s internationally acclaimed and show-stopping performance art with a social justice platform that pushes the burlesque envelope. Get ready for the new ways we are weaving in feminist activism, intergenerational dialogue, community building, and sensory spectacle in our exploration of both ancient and modern myths about the feminine. “Inheritance: Maiden, Mother, Crone” provides an exalted space to reclaim the feminine experience and use the female body as a tool for empowerment.

Through modern dance, singing, visual arts, poetry and neo-burlesque, “Inheritance: Maiden, Mother, Crone” challenges the most basic and pervasive assumptions about womanhood, power and the structure of humanity. It presents a prototype of a world where feminism, wholeness, health and celebrating experiences of women are practiced by default, universal and simply THE unquestioned way of being. Inheritance will entertain, challenge, empower, confuse, embrace and deeply engage audiences, and invite them to partake in this world building. It will be a sexual, social and spiritual revolution as the audience is provided with an opportunity to watch and participate in the design of liberation and the unfolding of what it means to be a woman. Join us to declare a new legacy for women.

“I have seen undressed female bodies shamed or ridiculed, used to sell products, as a source of inadequacy, used to attract attention, used as billboards, twisted and contorted digitally. Yet I can think of hardly any other incidents in my life where female bodies were actively, intentionally used by the people in possession of those bodies for a deeply healing, forgiving purpose. What a profound and unusual action.”

“I took my 14 year old daughter. It blew us away. I cried. I laughed. I examined some fairy ingrained, long standing beliefs I had about women and our role in society. It also was a catalyst to some amazing conversation with my teen daughter and what it meant to her. Frankly, it was life changing. The women of Sinner Saint have crafted a masterpiece not to be missed.”

Statement by Cat Cuevas, producer and co-owner of Sinner Saint Burlesque:

Inheritance was designed to bring forth the archetypal stories of contemporary women. Their work does not shy away from uncomfortable topics. Rather it holds the space for those topics and stories to be examined, felt, understood, grieved, celebrated, shared and most importantly, talked about. A strong response to the show, the idea of the show, burlesque or female nudity signifies that there is energy to be engaged with and healing to occur. It means there is an opportunity to approach one another with curiosity and seek understanding with one another. It may mean sitting in the fire together, and we – as women eager to be agents of change in this world – welcome that opportunity.

We believe THIS IS THE WORK that is needed in the world. Being in deep dialogue is the transformation we are seeking. Healing our communities’ relationship with the female form is imperative and urgent. Staying spiritually connected with other women despite differences is the healing that must happen.

Devised entirely by the ensemble of Sinner Saint:
Sasha Summer Cousineau, Catrina Cuevas, Laura Rose Flynn, Sara Robinson, Kristi Krein, Nancy Blanco, Stevi Costa

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