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Sinner Saint’s one-of-a-kind improv burlesque show, called KAMIKAZE BURLESQUE, only comes around every 8-10 weeks. Always hot and hilarious, KAMIKAZE BURLESQUE is a fan favorite you don’t want to miss. Doors 9pm, show 9:30, Tickets $15, reserve seats right here on our website by visiting the ‘Contact Us’ tab. Come early to enjoy the Noc Noc’s happy hour which ends at 9pm. Sinner Saint Burlesque performs each and every Thursday at the Noc Noc: 1516 2nd Avenue (downtown Seattle between Pike and Pine)

On January 10th we help you to Beat the Winter Blues

Don’t be SAD (Seasonal Affect Disorder)…be GLAD (Gaze Longingly at Arousing Dancers)! True baby, its cold outside but it’ll be HOT at this Sinner Saint Burlesque KAMIKAZE BURLESQUE NIGHT.

At kamikaze burlesque YOU, the audience, pick the songs that WE create cunning, on-the-spot routines to. We’ll improv to all things SUMMER! Imagine…twirling tassels at the tiki party…get “naughtical” aboard our cruise ship…feel the tease and the tropical breeze…

Helping you feel the heat are our summertime strip teasers: Doña Dei Cuori, Jesse Belle-Jones, Evilyn Sin Claire, Lady Tatas, and Polly Wood. Hosted by the scintillating songbird, ADRA BOO!

photo of Lady Tatas by Fiona Minx Photography

On January 17th we invite you to Celebrate Marriage Equality in Sinner Saint Style

It’s a nice day for a burlesque wedding! At this KAMIKAZE BURLESQUE NIGHT we’ll strip out of something old, something new, and something borrowed…but we’ll leave the something blue (balls) to YOU! At KAMIKAZE BURLESQUE we twirl tassels to tunes selected by YOU, our audience.

Ordaining the evening’s nuptials is your obscene officiant, Diva le Deviant! She’ll tie them up, tie them down, then tying the knot will be the stars of Sinner Saint Burlesque: Doña Dei Cuori, Jesse Belle-Jones, Evilyn Sin Claire, Lady Tatas, and Polly Wood.

photo of Diva le Deviant by Jenny GG

tatas in flowers by fiona minx

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