Get lost in Doña’s sultry sprezzatura and resplendent grace as all that she grazes turns to gold.

The title, Doña, is the feminine title reserved for royalty in the Iberian and Italian lands of which she is native. Her fierce Latin heart (“cuori”) exudes a passion for life that stirs the soul awake.

From tributes to Amelia Earhart and Rosa Parks, to Medusa, Catherine the Great, Ida Cox, and Violet Mcneal, she explores the many dimensions of power and primacy in her performances. Drawing from her work in social justice, leadership development and depth psychology, she integrates and embodies intellectually, politically, spiritually and emotionally charged content into her works. (photo by Lou Daprille)

Rising from the rivers of royal blood lines, the madame l’eprouveuse will allure you with her international intrigue. Refined by renowned Latin and ballroom dancing instructors, she broke onto the burlesque scene in with her noble steed in tow.

A fresh graduate from the Academy of Burlesque, she was instantly discovered and became a member of Sinner Saint Burlesque in 2009. She hit the ground running performing with Sinner Saint Burlesque at their weekly Revue, lighting up the stage at the Vancouver International Burlesque Festival, sizzling seats in Alaska, headlining in “Electric Burlesque” in London, production managing Inheritance: Maiden Mother Crone, and twirling her tassels at Bumbershoot. (photo from Ignite Seattle 2015)

Co-owner of the sensational international burlesque troupe, she is fulfilling her mission to make the world fit for a queen. Poignantly political, flirtatiously foxy and cunningly cosmopolitan, this vixen knows well behaved women seldom make history. She’ll enlighten your erotic imagination, igniting the hearts and minds of her audience.

With a double Master’s degree, in International Peace and Conflict Resolution, and Leadership and Organizational Development, you can expect her to reign readily.
(photo by Lou Daprille)

When she’s not negotiating with emissaries and receiving the great influencers of our time, Doña trains the next generation of world leaders in how to be more economically, environmentally and socially just. She helps the world look up to women as business, community, political and spiritual leaders through her educational programs.

Doña is the creator of Burlesque for the Boardroom,
and author of Burlesque and Bequest: Rewriting the Inheritance of Women




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