Fierce, funny and generally ravenous for a good time, Evilyn Sin Claire, her untamed imagination and undulating physique summon multilayered meaning in acts of wild fantasy and reckless abandon.

Born to a rock’n’roller father and a world renowned belly dancer mother, Evilyn Sin Claire masters mouthwatering magnetism in burlesque cabarets everywhere. Sinner Saint Burlesque’s “Wild Child” is popular for her sultry, sensual and sometimes downright dangerous portrayal of the femme fatale, but this ginger cooks up more than just ferocious fare.

From Miss Piggy to Sehkmet, debutante to dumpling, Evilyn brings a unique character to each professionally choreographed and beautifully costumed act. She dabbles in a little of everything; comedy, classic, political, theatrical, sexy, rambunctious, and avant-garde and loves working with themes. On top of theatrical striptease, she is an advanced professional belly dancer and has trained in fire and other circus performance arts. (Evilyn As Miss Piggy. Photo by Greg Holloway)

Evilyn has been invited to perform annually Seattle’s prestigious Moisture Festival, as well in appeared in productions by Paula, The Swedish Housewife and Indigo Blue, headmistress of The Academy of Burlesque. With Sinner Saint Burlesque, she’s performed The Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekend in Las Vegas, NV, in residency at The Brickhouse supper club in London and directed and performed in an entire program, “Forces Of Nature” at the Vancouver Burlesque Festival. (“Chair Dance Of Forbidden Desire” Photo by Greg Holloway)

Recent notable performance and instructional appearances include Austin The Brickhouse, London 2011/2012, Austin Freakshow Festival 2011, Colorado Burlesque Fest 2011; Seattle Erotic Arts Festival 2011; Vancouver International Burlesque Festival 2011; The Moisture Festival, Seattle 2006 – 2013; ; Blood Moon Regale, Sacramento 2010; Burlesque Hall Of Fame Weekend, Las Vegas 2010; Delilah’s Visionary Belly Dance Retreat, Hawaii, 2010.

Evilyn is on the steering committee and has been an invited instructor for BurlyCon, the educational arm of the Buresque Hall Of Fame and only burlesque convention in the country targeted solely at classes and workshops by and for burlesque performers.

Please use our contact form to contact Evilyn to find out more about her professional belly dance performance and instruction, for which she has been featured on tours and engagements in America, Korea and Japan.

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