This Fall, Sinner Saint Burlesque emerges from their hiatus with a brand new show cycle to take place at the Can Can. The Inheritance Series is neo-burlesque and performance art showcases that respond to key questions about what it means to be a woman at different stages in life. Each show will be followed by a talkback session between audience and the performers to take place at a local cafe above the Can Can.

SSB_Inheritance Series web flyer

Maiden marks the first show in the series to debut on October 24 at 7pm. Maiden seeks to challenge the notion of the “damsel in distress” through neo-burlesque performances that explore curiosity, defiance, purity, completeness, growth, and individualism to answer the question “Who’s gonna save you now?”

Sinner Saint will follow Maiden with Mother, which asks the question, “What is this thing inside of me?” with acts about nourishment, transformation, creativity, blood, magic, and wisdom. Mother will take place on November 21 at 7pm.

Finally, as the Winter Solstice draws near, The Inheritance Series will finish with the final stage of womanhood with Crone on December 19 at 7pm. Crone asks, “Where am I?” with acts about ancestry, storytelling, death, visibility, and the otherworldly.

Sinner Saint Burlesque’s goal with this show cycle is to encourage dialogue between artists and audiences about women’s experience and women’s bodies. After each performance, the audience will be invited to participate in a talkback session with the performers at a nearby cafe to further discuss the subject matter of the show. Opening a forum for dialog with the artists is an unprecedented experiment for a burlesque cabaret.

Tickets for each show are available individually through for $15 each, and anyone 18 and over is invited. Student tickets are available for each performance for $12 each. The post-show talkbacks are included in the price of admission.

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