After packed houses at their first series of shows in Georgetown, Sinner Saint Burlesque is back with a new night of mischief and magic at Brass Tacks this spring!


Ladies and gentlemen, Sinner Saint Burlesque would like to welcome you to a world beyond your wildest imagination, a world ruled not by the laws of physics, but by deep, lustful magic. For 3 nights only you’ll be able to see the women of Sinner Saint Burlesque as they channel the mystical arts and make their spectacular garments disappear before your very eyes. But beware, their alchemy is a potent force of sexual energy that often transcends and transforms our reality. On 3rd Thursdays at Georgetown’s Brass Tacks, join Diva le Déviant, Evilyn Sin Claire, Dona Dei Cuori, Lady Tatas, Jesse Belle-Jones, and Nikola Tease-La in The Magic Show . . . where things are not always as they seem.

The magic happens on 5/15, 6/19 & 7/17.

Reservations are strongly encouraged for shows at Brass Tacks! Reserve your table online at or by calling (206) 397-3821.

Admission is $10, which will be added to your tab at the end of the night.

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