Sinner Saint Burlesque specializes in high-concept, narrative striptease cabaret, pushing the boundaries of what neo-burlesque can accomplish as an art form. Their seasoned dancers bring their signature acts, improvisational expertise, and sought-after ensembles to special events, festivals, and to guest at other major productions.

Sinner Saint Burlesque avante garde activism makes it one of the leaders in the neo-burlesque movement. Far from the bump-and-grind of classic striptease (though not without it!), the company celebrates the richness of the human experience through character, story, costume, and dance. From the lustfully legendary figures of history, to contemporary icons, Sinner Saint Burlesque utilizes humor, parody, and social commentary to playfully challenge, question, and critique the world at large through the transformative storytelling forces of neo-burlesque.

Unlike a typical revue or variety show filled with unrelated acts, Sinner Saint Burlesque’s narrative cabarets are scripted theatrical experiences. From tongue-in-cheek looks at show business like “Behind the Pasties” and explorations of feminine power like “Blood Sugar Sex Magic,” to socio-political commentary like “Revolution,” Sinner Saint Burlesque’s narrative cabarets give audiences an immersive theatrical experience that highlights the richness of striptease as a storytelling format.

Sinner Saint’s theatrical shows have toured the US and UK, and are great for large venues, corporate events, community events, festivals, and large parties!

Sinner Saint’s repertoire of neo-burlesque acts can be performed at any type of event. With solo numbers, group numbers, and a host of themes under their belt, Sinner Saint Burlesque can put together a neo-burlesque revue to suit your heart’s desire — and can even create custom acts upon request!

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