Back to where it all began…

One night in 2006, six friends and co-strippers crammed into a car as the rain poured down outside, contemplating how to reignite their passion for performing burlesque. What could they accomplish together, that they could not do alone? How could they align their values and mission as professional striptease artists? Little did they know that this moment in the parking lot of the Rickshaw would put into motion a decade of beautiful, inspiring, community building, show-stopping performance art.

Celebrate 10 Years with Us

More than a troupe, Sinner Saint Burlesque is an institution. Since 2006, it’s been among the country’s top titillating talent and names in burlesque, exemplifying high class entertainment in over 2,000 shows.

Most of the city’s burlesque performers have graced the Sinner Saint stage as its been a stomping ground for hundreds of artists. Sinner Saint has performed in every major venue in Seattle, as well as pranced around the World on numerous national and international tours (Vegas, Alaska, New York, Denver, Vancouver, London…just to name a few). They’ve mentored up-and-coming starlets, led thought-provoking workshops, helped bachelorettes celebrate their big day, and left a glitter trail that is hard to reckon with.

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Thanks to Greg Holloway for capturing 10 years of magic at our Anniversary!

Guess who joined us…

With a core mission to celebrate the human experience through smart, sexy entertainment, Sinner Saint Burlesque has been a ground for growth and change – not only on a personal level – but in the community, both local and worldwide. Back to share the stage once again, we welcome the following Sinner Saint Burlesque performers…

Sydni Deveraux

Founding member Sydni Deveraux moved to NYC in 2014 and slid into her role as associate producer with Wasabassco, a burlesque entertainment company responsible for putting on over 20 shows a month in NYC, Nashville and Atlanta. She’s currently a full time performer and producer. Sydni still travels as a headliner and instructor all over the world, was the 2013 First Runner up to Queen at Burlesque Hall of Fame, and multiple time presenter at BurlyCon. She’s known for her grace, charming wit and sophisticated musicality. (photo by Alex Colby)

Belle Cozette

Belle Cozette has been performing burlesque in and around the Seattle area for ten years, joining Sinner Saint within its first year. She combines effervescent wit and intoxicating beauty to create narrative masterpieces that titillate and tantalize the audience. With extensive classical music training and natural grace, her performances include vintage cabaret and burlesque dance movements topped off with captivating facial expressions and slapstick humor. She is also proudly forms one half, along with Evilyn Sin Claire, of the revolutionary treatise on glamorous pooping known as the Porcelain Promenade. Since leaving Sinner Saint Burlesque, Belle has been focusing on building her own tiny army of performance artists formed from her own DNA. (photo by Matt the Photographer)

The Shanghai Pearl

The Shanghai Pearl is The Tantalizing Temptress from Taipei, Tempestuous Temple of Temptations, and Princess of Pulchritude! Miss Pearl is an internationally renowned burlesque performer and instructor based out of Seattle, Washington. She is celebrated for her extravagant costumes, bawdy humor, sizzling strip­tease, high glamour, and pulchritudinous performances. Miss Pearl travels widely to perform and teach. She has been featured in the New Orleans Burlesque Festival, The New York Burlesque Festival, Boston Burlesque Expo, Tease­O­Rama, Teatro Zinzanni and The Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekender. She has headlined as close to home as Portland, Oregon, and as far away as Paris, France. The Shanghai Pearl is proud to be an instructor of burlesque since 2006. She can also be seen in A Wink and A Smile and The Waxie Moon Documentary. (photo by POC photo)

Valerie Vales

Valerie Veils, known for her strength and grace, is an international multi­award winning burlesque performer who has been charming crowds throughout the west coast since her first performance with Sinner Saint Burlesque in 2008. Valerie’s background in gymnastics has helped her become one of the most dazzling powerhouse performers around and after trading in her leotards for g­-strings she has never looked back. She is currently a member of Olympia’s Own TUSH! Burlesque where she is known as “The Heroin of the Hoochie Coo”. Valerie has had the privilege of performing in festivals throughout the country and was crowned the Queen of Roses at the Oregon Burlesque Festival in 2014 and was selected as judges pick for the Viva Las Vegas Competition in 2015. She most recently has had the honor of performing at this year’s Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekender. (photo by Belle Arts)

Jesse Belle-Jones

Jesse Belle­Jones is a post­disciplinary artist based in Seattle, WA focusing on movement and cabaret. Locally, her work has appeared at On the Boards, Triple Door, The Showbox, Teatro Zinzanni, and beyond. She has taught, performed, and co­-produced critically acclaimed material at venues across North America and in the United Kingdom. Local festival appearances include Seattle International Dance Festival, Lo­Fi Art Festival, Moisture Festival, and Mo’Wave. Offstage, she works as the performance director for the Seattle Erotic Art Festival and serves on the board of directors for the Foundation for Sex Positive Culture. (photo by POC photo)

Polly Wood

Known as “The Tinseled Tart”, Polly began her ecdysiast adventures in 2006 after graduating from Miss Indigo Blue’s Academy of Burlesque! She was a core­member and co­producer of Sinner Saint Burlesque from 2009 until 2014 (including 2 wildly successful runs at The Brickhouse in London), when she relocated to Brooklyn, NY. An actress as well as proud stripper, Polly can be seen in the hit indie film “Waxie Moon in Fallen Jewel.” Though she mostly treads the stage fully clothed and under her muggle name these days, she’s thrilled to be back with her SSB sisters celebrating 10 years of smart, sexy entertainment! (photo by Don Spiro)

Nikola Tease-La

Nikola Tease­La started with Sinner Saint burlesque as an intern in 2012. Post internship she served as administrator and performer with Sinner Saint’s one run sister troupe, The Beautitudes. After the Beatitudes, she quickly became a vital part as performer, choreographer, and writer within Sinner Saint, and helped create Inheritance: Maiden, Mother Crone in 2014. Post Sinner Saint burlesque, Nikola has become a doula, advocating for women to have the kind of birth that honors, empowers and celebrates this holy event in their lives. Borrowing from the fiery spirit of her mother and the words of Jack Kerouac, she will continue to “burn burn, like fabulous yellow roman candles exploding across the stars” (photo by Greg Holloway)

Briq House

Ms. Briq House is an Actor, Model, Singer, Burlesque Performer, Producer, Emcee and all-around Bad Ass Bitch. With a smile that lights up a room and an ass that won’t quit Ms. Briq House offers something for everyone with her sly, seductive, stripteases. Her Royal Thickness is the Producer of The Sunday Night Shuga Shaq: An All People of Color Burlesque Revue. It happens once a month at Theatre Off Jackson. To keep up with Ms. Briq House and all of her shenanigans please follow her on IG: Ms.Briqhouse or FB: Briq House.

Chastity Svelte

Miss Chastity Svelte joined the Sinner Saint Burlesque family back in 2012 as a Sinner Saint Sweetheart. Being apart of this amazing family she was able to find her power and roots. Over the next year Chastity formed her burlesque persona and has been wowing audiences across Seattle ever since. Throughout this journey into the wonderful world of burlesque Chastity has blossomed into a performer you don’t want to miss. (photo by Christensen Glamour)

Georgia Myles

Bio coming soon!

Ravenna Black

Bio coming soon! (photo by Innovative Images)

And of course, the current cast

Sailor St. Claire, Doña Dei Cuori, Lady Tatas, Diva le Déviant, & Evilyn Sin Claire (photos by Lou Daprille)

PLUS! Comedy by Marita DeLeon

Marita DeLeon began her career on stage as a performance poet and host with Bent Writing Institute in 2008. She went on to become a weekly host at Seattle Poetry Slam, producer and host of Seattle Spit, and perform in numerous poetry showcases in Washington and nationally. Currently, this self-identified fat Filipina femme incites laughter with autobiographical sound bites and spontaneous banter with the audience. Rubbing faces and waxing buttholes for a living, Marita has a great reverence for the body and all its glory. She has performed her charmingly direct brand of comedy at Comedy Nest, Wine Shots, Not Too Late With Elicia Sanchez, Karajokey, Queers: We’re Hilarious, Marinate, and most recently as the host of Elicia Sanchez’ first hour long feature.



Stage Manager

Ophelia Derriere is a stage manager extraordinaire, cutting her teeth on the glittery stages of burlesque and cabaret in late 2004, and proudly laying claim to 150 consecutive weekly shows with Sinner Saint Burlesque. Since then, she has worked fashion shows, artist and circus events, speakeasies and warehouse parties, and theater work such as The Grimaldis, a “musical ghost story,” featured at Hale’s Palladium. She also produces and manages Shake That BRASS, an all-star burlesque weekend for Steamposium, the annual Steampunk Convention in Seattle.



Elizabeth worked as a “Sinner Sweetheart” with Sinner Saint Burlesque for 5 years as a founding member. She retired from SSB in 2009 to pursue a degree in Education. She has since graduated and has been working as a teacher for the last three years. She is thrilled to be back with the ladies of Sinner Saint Burlesque and always proud to represent them on stage!

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