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Humans have always been been in awe of the raw, unyielding forces of nature. We surrender to their power, despite resistance. Leaders seek to understand the impact of climate change while scientists whisper the harsh reality that the human species may be responsible for its own mass extinction. How can we not begin to question our earthly cosmology? Inspired by centuries-old connection to the earth, and artistic works celebrating this connection (including Becoming Animal, Women Who Run With The Wolves, and Vivaldi’s The Four Seasons),

Fall in love with the elemental forces that create this world, and remember how to worship and celebrate mother nature. Watch volcanoes erupt, the rainforest wake up, and the seasons come alive. Be seduced by gravity’s pull, ravaged by storms, and mystified the aurora boreallis. (photos below by Greg Holloway, and Samuel S. Grahn Photography)

  • photo by Greg Holloway

“What a MAGNIFICENT production!!! Everything from the thoughtful performances, to the masterful production elements and beautiful costumes blew me out of the water and shook me to my core (see what I did there?!) You certainly did Mother Nature proud!”

“Just got home from a SUPER sexy & smart burlesque show by Sinner Saint Burlesque; Forces of Nature. The burlesque performances were woven around/represented different elements from nature (water, snow, volcanoes, tectonic plates, rain, heat/sun) performed to classical, vampy, ’40s and other musical selections. The performers were beautiful! Really, really superb! Go see them next time Sinner Saint performs, you’ll be in for a treat. (p.s. they performed Lady Marmalade last year at Venice Is Sinking: A Venetian Masked Carnival Ball!)”

“If you love burlesque, I highly recommend going to see Forces of Nature, by Sinner Saint Burlesque. I went to their Friday night performance, and am still amazed and grinning from the acts I saw. Not only did they capture a wide range of astonishing tributes to the natural world, but they did so with humor, zest, and breath-taking grace.”

“WOW, y’all. Just WOW. Forces of Nature. Forces of Nature. No spoilers, but I would have totally paid $60 to see that. That was one of the most magnificently put together pieces of theatre I have seen in ages. Sinner Saint Burlesque, thank you for such a uniquely provoking experience.”

“Forces of Nature: I’ve been given specific instructions by my friends to shut up and don’t reveal any spoilers. It’s REALLY HARD to gush about this show without slipping out spoilers! So I will tell you this instead: at intermission Tamara and I were discussing the evolution of Sinner Saint Burlesque with their 10 year anniversary coming up. All I have to say is that these are the kind of goddamn witches I want to be when I grown up!”

“Amazing show tonight ladies! Inspiring, courageous and of course…Oh so sexy!!!

“Holy shit Seattle go see Forces of Nature burlesque at TOJ. I’m blown away by the talent, creativity, sexy and raw pagan power of Sinner Saint Burlesque. YESSSSSSS”

“Awesome show!!!!”
“That show was FANTASTIC! At every turn I was at the edge of my seat. Congratulations starts!! That was a beautiful and thoughtful production.”
“Wow. WOW. Fantastic show.”
“Congratulations on a triumphant opening night!!!”

VIP Preshow Experience

An experiential preshow ceremony – part art walk, part self-guided ritual, part performance art foreplay designed to evoke pleasure from your perceptions. Walk the path of a self-guided ritual, intended to heighten your senses and awaken your connection to the natural world. See, taste, touch, smell and listen to how nature speaks through you.

Sinner Saint is proud to welcome special guests…


Namii is a gender bending feminist performer that embraces her boyish charm with her seductive moves. Each layer she peels off is more revolutionary than the last. Namii is a storyteller by nature and uses her body to take you on a journey into her bizarre world of tassel twirls and freedom marches.

Namii is co-producer of the monthly Washington, D.C. event Unfastened DC and is a performing member of Pretty Boi Drag Productions. You may also catch her facilitating body awareness and empowerment workshops around the country using the art of burlesque.

Lowa de Boom Boom

Olympia, WA-based performer, producer and plus-size fancy lady. The Triple D T-N-T! & BurlyCon Steering Committee 2012 All Around Ass Kicker of the Year!

Fosse Jack

Fosse Jack, Seattle’s Limelight Loverboy, is an actor, dancer, ecdysiast, emcee, writer, choreographer and producer. He is a founding member of the Puppet Burlesque Society, co-owner of Jack & Wood Productions, and a proud member of Seattle’s BurlyCon Steering Committee.

Fosse is taking on a key role in Forces of Nature by lending us his talents in group choreography!

Lulu la Lune

Lulu la Lune is a graduate of Cherry Manhattan’s Burlesque for Actors class at Cornish College of the Arts, where she is a Theatre Production major. We are excited to welcome Lulu as our intern for Forces of Nature!

Thank you to all our in-kind sponsors

Find Davita on social media @davitasrg and check out her newsletter here: Visit her shop:

Dark Days dark chocolate treats are inspired by the lunar cycle, and infused with herbs for subtle benefits. Visit Dark Days Chocolates here:

Celebrating our Community Partners

As we raise awareness and celebrate ecofeminism, we also want to call out the amazing work of local individuals and organizations. These thought-leaders are finding creative, necessary and often provocative solutions to the challenge of humans living in harmony with the environment. Meet some of our local superheros.

Urban Death Project
The Urban Death Project utilizes the process of composting to safely and gently turn our deceased into soil-building material, creating a meaningful, equitable, and ecological urban alternative to existing options for the disposal of the dead.

The Nature Conservatory
The mission of The Nature Conservancy is to conserve the lands and waters on which all life depends. Our vision is a world where the diversity of life thrives, and people act to conserve nature for its own sake and its ability to fulfill our needs and enrich our lives.

Keep it Simple Farms
Our vision is to be a one-stop shop for all things organic, relating to growing plants and raising animals. We provide: farm feed store, organic hydro shop, specialty nursery, production greenhouse/garden, and education.

Green Seattle Forest Stewards
Green Seattle Forest Stewards lead restoration and educate others about the challenges facing our forests. As we strive towards greater equity in our city, we encourage a diverse group of volunteers to take the lead in their own communities.

Our Future Environment
OFE consulting provides services to integrate the benefits of natural, restorative, digital, and open spaces in developed and wild environments of all kinds. A healthy and balanced environment, in all its possible forms, is a foundation for mental, physical, and community health.

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