In Fall 2014, Sinner Saint partnered with Theatre Off Jackson to produce its first full-length theatrical work – Inheritance: Maiden, Mother, Crone. The show blends Sinner Saint’s internationally acclaimed and show-stopping performance art with a social justice platform that pushes the burlesque envelope. Get ready for what you already know and love about Sinner Saint, plus the new ways we are weaving in feminist activism, intergenerational dialogue, and sensory spectacle in our exploration of the contemporary mythology of the feminine.

Inheritance: Maiden, Mother, Crone is rooted in neo-burlesque, but is not a cabaret. It is an ensemble theatrical work, but not a play. It is political, but not a protest. Inheritance: Maiden, Mother, Crone is the new “Vagina Monologues” – providing an exalted space to reclaim the feminine experience and use the female body as a tool for empowerment.Through modern dance, singing, visual arts, poetry and neo-burlesque, Inheritance challenges the most basic and pervasive assumptions about womanhood, power and the structure of humanity. It presents a world that embraces, understands and celebrates the experiences of women.

Inheritance will entertain, challenge, empower, and deeply engage audiences. It will be a sexual, social and spiritual revolution as the audience is provided with an opportunity to watch and participate in the design of liberation and the unfolding of what it means to be a woman. Join us to declare the legacy of women.

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