In the world of faeries, love moves toward love…

Athens is a world ruled by law, but deep in the woods, the only law is attraction. Four young lovers get caught up in the kinky follies of a warring Faerie King and Queen, and find themselves suddenly much more sexually free than they were before.

Love moves toward love in Sinner Saint Burlesque’s new interpretation of Shakespeare’s classic. Pairing a queer twist using Shakespeare’s text with spectacular costuming and ecdysiastic pageantry, you too will fall under the spell of this erotic lucid dream. Tickets for June 28 – 30, 2018 on sale now!

As fondly as we all recall it, the truth is that Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream is a classic comedy mired in patriarchal, sex-negative, heteronormative, and racist values. Sinner Saint’s progressive mission is to create work which serves to model a world in which old systems of power are replaced by body-positivity, sexual freedom, and gender justice. Reclaiming this story as one that adopts the values and humor of a modern feminist dance collective breaks through foundational artistic institutions. This production is groundbreaking in it’s treatment of the script as the lovers’ plot is rearranged to allow for a wider breadth of sexuality.


Produced in Association with Theatre Off Jackson

June 28th 7:30pm + VIP Preshow option + Consent Academy Talkback
June 29th 7:30pm + VIP Preshow option
June 29th 10pm + VIP Postshow option
June 30th 7:30pm + VIP Preshow option
Ticket Prices: $25-$40

Opening Night ONLY!

Because our version of Midsummer values consent, join producers and cast members after the show on opening night for an intimate 30-min discussion with Sar Surmick of the Consent Academy ( exploring issues of consent within the work and how we can apply learning to our own lives.

VIP Treatment

Spend a little more time in our world and keep dreaming with us. VIPs attend an additional 30-min screening of Sinner Saint Burlesque’s special R-rated edit of the 2001 erotic classic, A Midsummer Night’s Cream starring Nina Hartley! Join us before the show to sit back, relax, laugh along and enjoy what happens when adult film stars tackle Shakespearean language. (VIPs at the 10 pm Friday show get to stay up extra late with us and catch the movie after the performance.)

All the characters you know and love, with a twist!


Diva le Deviant will be adding her own twist to the mischievous fairy, Puck. Enchanting and spirited, Puck pervades the atmosphere, and her antics are responsible for many of the complications and chaos within the group of young lovers.


The international gender-blending queer lady boylesque performance-art stripping sensation Waxie Moon will be our King of the fairies! Oberon’s argument with Titania leads him to send Puck to obtain the love-potion flower that creates much of the play’s confusion and farce.


The Queen of the Fairies will be played by none other than Dona dei Cuori. Her lover’s quarrel with Oberon ignites a series of libidinous entanglements.

Nick Bottom

Our very own Wild Child, Evilyn sin Claire will be playing Nick Bottom. True to form, Bottom will be going through a transformation and reveling her assets to Titania and our eager fans.


Lulu la Lune is back on the Sinner Saint stage again! Hermia starts off in love with Lysander, but the magic fairy woods give way to unbridling her fondness and passions for life… and sex.


Songbird and rave Sara Dipity is shining as Helena. Demetrius and Helena were once betrothed, but when Demetrius met Helena’s childhood friend Hermia, their relationship gets more… complicated… as hidden sexual chemistry is revealed.


Willy Nilly is bringing a whole new flavor to the classic Demetrius. This playboy learns about the twists and turns love takes while following the runaways into the forest.


Apollo Vidra, Resident Boylesquer/Otter at The Haus of Glitterbeast, lights up the stage as Lysander. Initially set to run away with Hermia, Lysander discovers satisfaction in more ways than one.

The Flower of Truth

A flower by any other name would smell so sweet. Our stimulating flower will be played by Polly Wood. The intoxicating catalyst for the characters’ transformation. Is she a poison, or is she the antidote?

The Faeries and the Mechanicals

‘Rude Mechanicals’ isn’t just a cool name for a band. In fact, the phrase refers to a specific group of characters in Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream. The rude mechanicals are skilled laborers, or craftsmen, from Athens who want to put on a play for the city’s royalty. In Sinner Saint’s rendition, we’ve turned them into a burlesque troupe!

Peter Quince (The Moon) – Tootsie Spangles
Francis Flute (Thisbe)/Fairy – Fosse Jack
Snug (Lion)/Fairy – Trixie Paprika
Snout (Wall)/Fairy – Jackie Miedema
Fairy – Scarlett Folds
Fairy – Luny Rose
Sex Pet – Lovely Lady Delerium

Photos by Greg Holloway

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