Narrative Cabarets

Sinner Saint Burlesque is best known for its innovative narrative cabarets. More than just a burlesque revue, these shows take the audience on a theatrical journey through sexual and political awakenings.

Inheritance: Maiden, Mother, Crone

Early 2013, the first seeds of Inheritance: Maiden, Mother, Crone were planted. Four women sat on the lawn of Seattle Center wondering how they could inspire and educate women to seek the truths within them, challenge the norms of society, and learn to love the entirety of what it means to be a woman. They asked themselves, “what is our legacy?”

Fall 2014, Sinner Saint partnered with Theatre Off Jackson to produce its first full-length theatrical work – Inheritance: Maiden, Mother, Crone. The show blends Sinner Saint’s internationally acclaimed and show-stopping performance art with a social justice platform that pushes the burlesque envelope. Get ready for what you already know and love about Sinner Saint, plus the new ways we are weaving in feminist activism, intergenerational dialogue, and sensory spectacle in our exploration of the contemporary mythology of the feminine.

Through modern dance, singing, visual arts, poetry and neo-burlesque, Inheritance challenges the most basic and pervasive assumptions about womanhood, power and the structure of humanity. It presents a world that embraces, understands and celebrates the experiences of women.


Sinner Saint Burlesque is ready to start a revolution. These stripteasing sirens are also formidible freedom fighting feminists, ready to put their politics on the stage and participate public demonstrations of near-nudity. Our sisters in struggle will teach you the art of erotic resistance. Join us and establish your own liberated libidinal governance. Viva la Vulva! Libertease and justice for all!

Forces of Nature

Sinner Saint Burlesque invites you on a journey to unleash primal selves in this opulent strip tease tribute to the natural world. Lightning will strike, the earth will shake and all the land will ignite with passion. Explore the seductive, unrelenting power of the natural world through dance and strip tease theater. Descend into the decadence of elemental eroticism and experience the wonders this planet has to offer through the hearts, minds and loins of Sinner Saint Burlesque. To be remounted at Theatre Off Jackson in February 2016!

The Hot Seat

What would happen if a group of stripteasers all had to share one prop? From the song “If I Can’t Sell It, I’ll Keep Sittin’ On It” to the myriad stocking removal acts performed by amateurs and legends alike, chairs have had a prominent role in burlesque. But…what happens when one chair goes from function to fashion? From prop to prized possession? Find out as the stars of Sinner Saint Burlesque keep you on the edge of your seat in a show dedicated entirely to chair acts: The Hot Seat!

Behind the Pasties

This burlesque mockumentary was Sinner Saint’s first narrative cabaret experience! We invite you to take a peek at “Behind the Pasties”, a burlesque mockumentary exploring the origins of your favorite burlesque stars, the trials and tribulations of troupe dynamics, and the ultimately fabulous payoff of time spent gluing rhinestones to…well…everything. A funny, sexy look at the “glamorous” world of burlesque that will let you in on all of our showgirl secrets!

Blood Sugar Sex Magic

The Scarlet Curtain raves: Sinner Saint Burlesque casts “one helluva spell” with Blood Sugar Sex Magic. This narrative cabaret experience takes you along the path of six mortal maidens in pursuit of sexual enlightenment, and allows you to behold as they transform into supernatural sex goddesses before your very eyes.

Seattle’s Women’s Herstory

More Shows

The Very Super Special Feelings Show

Once, in February 2011, Sinner Saint Burlesque threw a neo burlesque show with what was probably the oddest premise you’d ever seen. Combining journal readings, stories and other cries from our naive and impressionable youths with interpretive, improvised burlesque performances, The Very Super Special Feelings Show has turned into one of Sinner Saint’s most popular
events. That’s right; a mash up of Salon of Shame style readings, improvised interpretive dance, and…stripping!

Speakeasy Electro Swing Seattle

Long Kiss Goodnight

Darling, Please keep this on the hush hush. This is YOUR exclusive invitation to the dinner party of the year! Everyone on Seattle’s A List is confirmed and B-Listers are simply clamoring for an invite. Don your finest attire, this is going to be an affair to remember. Prepare to be lavished with top shelf liquors, rich foods, decadent decorations and sensual music. In the golden age of classic bump-n-grind burlesque, performers typically performed acts that were 20 minutes in length. Today however, the standard is three to six minutes long. Join Sinner Saint Burlesque as we give you our take on the long form art form in LONG Kiss Goodnight.

Kamikaze Nights

On Kamikaze Nights, anything can happen! Sinner Saint Burlesque likes to break away from the narrative cabaret format every now and again and leave things entirely up to chance . . . and up to Songs About Your Mom our audiences. On Kamikaze Nights, the audience brings the music and we strip to whatever you want us to! Sometimes loosely themed (“Songs About Your Mom,” “Love Is A Battlefield,” “Marriage Equality,” and more), and always full of hilarious, on the spot creations, Kamikaze Nights are a Sinner Saint Signature show you don’t want to miss!


Sinner Saint Burlesque is thrilled to be in partnership with AMDEF, Active Entertainment’s Annual showcase of local artists in multiple disciplines. Featuring talents in art, music, dance, entertainment, and fashion, AMDEF is one of the biggest parties of the year celebrating art and those who make it. For many years, Sinner Saint Burlesque has taken the stage at Neumos in collaboration with some of Seattle’s hottest musical acts and fashion designers to create one-of-a-kind artistic experiences!

Where has Sinner Saint performed?

Take a look at some of the venues Sinner Saint has graced…

Theatres/ Performing Arts Spaces

ACT Theater, Seattle, WA
Teatro Zinzani, WA
Theatre Puget Sound, WA
Velocity Dance Center, WA
Annex, Seattle, WA
Theatre Off Jackson, WA
Columbia City Theatre, WA
The Vera Project, Seattle, WA
Vogue Theatre, Vancouver, BC
Rickshaw Theatre, Vancouver, BC
Star Theatre, Portalnd OR
Triple Door, Seattle, WA
Ritz Theatre, Minneapolis, MN
Fred Wildlife Refuge, Seattle, WA
ACT Theatre, Seattle, WA
North Seattle Community College, Seattle, WA
Jack Guidone Theater Joy of Motion Dance Center, Washington D.C.
Seattle EMP, Seattle, WA
Hawthorne Theatre, Portland, OR
The Moore Theatre, Seattle, WA
Studio 7, Seattle, WA
Lannie’s Clock Tower, Denver, CO
Heyri Artist Village, Paju, South Korea
The Visulite Theatre, Charlotte, NC
The Uptown Club, Oakland, CA

Festivals/Special Events

Blind Pig Circus, MN
Bloodman Regale, Sacramento, CA
Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekend, Las Vegas, NV
Bumbershoot, WA
Moisture Festival, WA
Seattle Erotic Arts Festival, WA
Solstice Parade, WA
Honkfest, WA
Colorado Burlesque Festival, CO
Burning Man, Black Rock City, NV
Alabama Burlesque Festival, Huntsville, AL
Great Southern Exposure Burlesque & Variety Pageant, Charlotte, NC
Austin Freakshow Festival, Austin, TX
Great Burlesque Exposition, Cambridge, MA
Rakkashah East, Newark, NJ
Rakkashah West, Richmond, CA
Seattle Pride Parade, WA
Seattle Tattoo Expo, WA
Steamposium, Seattle Steampunk Convention, WA
Steampunk Exhibition Ball, WA
Emerald City Comicon, WA
Geek Girl Con, WA
NorWesCon, WA
Gothla Festival, Los Angeles, CA
Venice is Sinking, WA
Vancouver International Burlesque Festival
Women of Wisdom Conference, WA

Restaurants/Bars, and Private/Other

Bastille, WA
Brickhouse, London, UK
Jekyll & Hyde, Edinburugh, Scotland
Can Can, WA
Pink Door, WA
Brass Tacks, WA
Noc Noc, WA
Rebar, WA
Fenix Underground, Seattle, WA
Highway 99 Blues Club, WA
Chop Suey, WA
Chilkoot Charlie’s, Anchorage, AK
Wasabi Bistro, Homer, AK
Le Poisson Rouge, NY
J&M Café, Seattle, WA
Belltown Underground, WA
Rhinos, WA
Anchor Pub, Everett, WA
Republic, WA
Wild Rose, WA
Comet, WA
Neumos, WA
Lovecraft Bar, Portland, OR
Crush Bar, Portland, OR
Kelly’s Olympian, Portland, OR
Dante’s, Portland, OR
Rendezvous, Seattle, WA
Hard Rock, Seattle, WA
Crocodile, Seattle, WA
Lafayette Grill, New York, NY
Lucid Lounge, Seattle, WA
Liberty Bar, Seattle, WA
The Seamonster, Seattle, WA
Times Scare, New York, NY
Nurse Bettie, NYC
Doc Maynard’s, Seattle, WA
Celtic Bayou, Redmond, WA
Mona’s, Seattle, WA
The Royal Room, Seattle, WA
The Biltmore Cabaret, Vancouver, BC
Austin Bar and Grill, Everett, WA
The Royal Sonesta, New Orleans, LA
El Rio, San Francisco, CA
DNA Lounge, San Francisco, CA
Rhythm and Rye, Olympia, WA
Dragon’s Den, New Orleans, LA
Siberia, New Orleans, LA
Spitfire, New Orleans, LA
The Bal-Mar, Seattle, WA

Thornwoode Castle Inn, Lakewood, WA
The Point Casino, Ocean Shores, WA
Little Red Studio, WA
University Club, WA
Charles Smith Winery, WA
Pratt Institute of Fine Art, WA
Northwest Film Forum, WA
Seattle Art Museum, WA
Tacoma Art Museum, WA
Seattle Aquarium, WA
Fremont Studios, WA
Hales Palladium, WA
The Ruins, Seattle, WA
Museum of History and Industry, Seattle, WA


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