Our most provocative show to date…

Produced in association with Theatre Off Jackson, Sinner Saint presents Revolution!

Revolution is transformation. The planets revolve, turning back on themselves. People revolt, pushing toward social change. Sinner Saint’s production of Revolution invites you to both turn back toward your internal landscapes for wisdom, and move forward with radical courage.

Sinner Saint is putting their pasties and politics on the stage to explore the intersection between social justice and sexuality. Staying true to their art form, they bring the vitality and immediacy of the human experience to theatre, while igniting titillating and taboo conversations. Newscaster Taylor Winters guides you to question your beliefs, and ask risky questions. Inspect the intersections of privilege, power, and oppression through the arts. Reveal injustice. Deconstruct privilege. Revolt with love.

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Namii is a gender bending feminist performer that embraces her boyish charm with her seductive moves. Each layer she peels off is more revolutionary than the last. Namii is a storyteller by nature and uses her body to take you on a journey into her bizarre world of tassel twirls and freedom marches. Namii is co-producer of the monthly Washington, D.C. event Unfastened DC and is a performing member of Pretty Boi Drag Productions. You may also catch her facilitating body awareness and empowerment workshops around the country using the art of burlesque.

Nikola Tease-la

Nikola Tease­La started with Sinner Saint burlesque as an intern in 2012. Post internship she served as administrator and performer with Sinner Saint’s one run sister troupe, The Beautitudes. After the Beatitudes, she quickly became a vital part as performer, choreographer, and writer within Sinner Saint, and helped create Inheritance: Maiden, Mother Crone in 2014. Post Sinner Saint burlesque, Nikola has become a doula, advocating for women to have the kind of birth that honors, empowers and celebrates this holy event in their lives. Borrowing from the fiery spirit of her mother and the words of Jack Kerouac, she will continue to “burn burn, like fabulous yellow roman candles exploding across the stars” (photo by Greg Holloway)

Alexa Perplexa

Alexa Perplexa, Seattle’s Gregarious Goddess, has been twirling and shimmying all over the city since she graduated from Miss Indigo Blue’s Academy of Burlesque in October 2011. Alexa is inspired by her mythical mothers, Aphrodite and Artemis, by transformation and metamorphosis, and by tales of the journey one must make to become a fully-realized being. Her performances are fierce and sensual and evoke the full range of human emotion. Seattle’s Gregarious Goddess is on an eternal quest to uncover new experiences and expressions to bring to the stage—to titillate, to delight, and to make you squirm in your seat. (photo by Meneldor Photography)


Hailing from South Los Angeles, spICE! is a dynamic performer who has studied dance and performed professionally for over a decade years. She’s a cameleon who blends various movement styles. spICE! is the woman who goes from bougie to banji in the wink of an eye… (photo by Ryan Ottoway Martin)

The Cast of Sinner Saint Burlesque


Revolutions don’t happen without the community coming together to support the arts. Sinner Saint extends a huge THANK YOU to our generous sponsors. Our deepest gratitude to you for helping us bring necessary art into a troubled world. Partial funding provided by the Seattle Office of Arts and Culture.

Please live well with one another. – Jeff Sloane, Patron of the Arts and All Things Beautiful

Jessie and Christina Rangel

Artist Statement

Revolution is a multidisciplinary work that explores the intersection between social justice and sexuality. It features solo and ensemble performance art pieces addressing taboo social-political norms, particularly commenting on intersections of race. The pieces are inspired by pervasive theatre, burlesque, feminism, and transmedia to engage audience members in the most important conversations of the last decade during a pivotal election year. Revolution infuses elements of traditional and immersive theatre, cabaret, dance, activism, puppetry, activism-education, and visual art to carry the production’s humorous yet strikingly poignant narrative path.


Revolution confronts the radical social injustice of our time on the battleground of the bared human form. This work brings the vitality and immediacy of the human sexual experience to theatre. Our immersive and pervasive approach, invites the audience to experience the events unfolding before and around them similarly to how mass media outlets create our daily reality. This presents unavoidable, deep, personal questions about how we all are contributing to our cultural and societal paradigms.

Sinner Saint’s mission is to celebrate the human experience through smart, sexy entertainment. This will be our most provocative production yet. We are approaching the creative process with deep love, dialogue and risk-taking.

Revolution seeks to open hearts, minds and dialogue around difficult and necessary topics. We hope to break barriers in communication through bold risk-taking, vulnerable inquiry, and courageous performance art. The vision of Revolution is for each audience member to deepen their understanding of a social justice issue humanity faces, and walk away eager to describe their experience at the show to members of their community in a way that fosters connection, reflection and positive action. We want our beloved audience to enjoy a dramatic, provocative and meaningful experience while exploring the intersections of power, privilege and pleasure in revolution. In this way, we hope to love and change the world.


– Showcase art that awakens, educates, and inspires people to be more active in how they both shape and question the world around them.
– Employ artists whose work they support and believe in.
– Initiate and continue some of the most important conversations we face in the United States of America today through smart, sexy entertainment.


– Unapologetically express themselves through art, dance, and/or mixed media theatre.
– Question their own presumptions about sexuality, race, class, politics, and art in a collaborative artistic working environment.
– Refine the message of their art, and reach an audience that wants to listen.
– Help design the container in which the individual acts exist, and how their acts are framed.


– Enjoy dramatic, evocative and meaningful performance art.
– Confront stories, hopes, fears, truths, and lies regarding the social justice issues, systems of oppression, and the challenges around personal liberation we face in the United States of America today.
– Explore where polarization and intersectionality around race, class, sexuality, privilege, politics and art occur, and how each of us play a role in their co-creation.
– Empathize with the range of lived experiences that are not our own. Experience at least one moment of a decentered world view.
– Question the media. Question who and where “knowledge” comes from.
– Discover a voice within themselves to discuss issues of social justice.
– Question their own internalized systems of oppression, recognize that it is the systems that we inherited that can be dismantled.
– Begin to unravel their own privilege and inspire a sense of questioning that can be integrated into their own lived experience.
– Invoke a personal desire to have daily conversations about intersectional feminism and ways that they can be proactive about making change.

Ticketing Artist Statement

The ticket pricing for Revolution is an artistic choice designed to raise awareness of the wage gap and how it economically impacts different populations. This is part of the creative pervasive nature of this production. Research on the discrepancies of pay across cultural, ethnic and racial groups is limited, rarely intersectional, and inadequate in describing the complexity of the system of economic oppression in which we live. For example, there are significant disparities among ethnic groups within racial categories. Typically, Chinese, Japanese, Indian and some Filipinos are on the higher end of the pay gap, but Southeast Asian refugees, and people from Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Hmong have much lower pay. Indian-American men are cited as being highest paid, while Bhutanese-American women are the lowest of Asian-Americans (2010). Similar ethnic disparities are revealed in other racial categories as well. Trans people face an unemployment rate of twice the national average. In September 2013, while the national average was at 7%, the unemployment rate for transgender workers was 14%. More than 4 in 10 transgender people are under employed. Consider that transgender workers are four times more likely, 15% vs the national average of 4% to have a household income of under $10,000.

Ticket pricing is not intended to inhibit, exclude or discriminate any person from purchasing or attending Revolution. Anyone can purchase the standard general admission ticket pricing for Sinner Saint Burlesque which is $25.

For more information about the wage gap and what you can do to address it, click the following links:
https://nwlc.org/resources/wage-gap-state-state/ http://www.aauw.org/files/2016/02/SimpleTruth_Spring2016.pdf
Median houseland income in the past 12 months (in 2010 inflation-adjusted dollars) 2006-2010 American Community Survey. United States Census Bureau. 2010. Retrieved 22 April 2013.


Many of the concepts and content presented in Revolution are provocative. We recognize there will be a range of experiences resulting from these artistic works. We take great care to walk through the world respectively and with integrity. We also recognize we are learning beings with blind spots, unique cultural histories and faults.

Your feedback is important to us and we value learning how our art has impacted others. We believe that through dialogue and sharing multiple perspectives we can begin to solve the wicked problems of the world in a way that brings us closer together, despite our differences. One of the core values of Sinner Saint Burlesque is open and honest communication. Below are our procedural guidelines for how to make sure that participation in difficult conversations is generative.

Thank you for your interest in Revolution, for starting meaningful conversations, and for creating positive social change by supporting the arts! go forth and revolt with love!

No aggressive, violent or demeaning behaviors allowed.

No name-calling, teasing, taunting, or otherwise aggressive or demeaning behavior will be tolerated. Comments will be removed without warning, and continuing these behaviors will result in someone being blocked from participating on this page.

Take responsibility for your emotions.

Feelings are valid, important and welcome. Share them using “I” statements and speak on behalf of yourself.

Be direct and specific.

Direct, specific feedback is most valuable to us. Please email us at sinnersaintburlesque@gmail.com to give us direct feedback so that we can fully understand your experience, and take any necessary action toward making positive change. Having your experience written helps us take our time to reflect on it and ensure we are reading your words, not making up stories about what someone else said. Telling us exactly what parts positively or negatively impacted you helps us know how to make changes.

Human connection matters to us.

We do not find arguing on social media an appropriate or constructive way to have meaningful dialogue. We prefer to have conversations face-to-face whenever possible so that we can be fully present and deeply listen. However, we understand this is not necessarily comfortable or convenient for everyone else. If you email us, we will make a request to connect with you in person, but will not pursue you further after that request out of respect for any personal boundaries.

We respect your courage and will keep your feedback confidential.

It can be very scary and vulnerable to give someone feedback. We recognize this and acknowledge how difficult it can be to speak up. At this time we do not have a mechanism to share feedback anonymously. However, if you choose to submit feedback to us via our email, we commit to keep it confidential upon your request.

AWARE-LA https://awarela.wordpress.com/
Catalyst Project http://collectiveliberation.org/
Challenging White Supremacy http://www.cwsworkshop.org/
Coalition of Anti-racists Whites https://carw.org/
Colonization and Decolonization https://www.sproutdistro.com/catalog/zines/anti-oppression/colonization-decolonization/
ColorLines Magazine http://www.colorlines.com/
Cultural Appropriation in Spirituality https://witchesunionhall.wordpress.com/workshopzine/
People’s Institute for Survival and Beyond http://www.pisab.org/
Race Traitor http://racetraitor.org/
Showing Up For Racial Justice (SURJ) http://www.showingupforracialjustice.org/
Center for the Study of White American Culture http://www.euroamerican.org/
Legacy of Equality, Leadership and Organizing (LELO) http://www.leloseattle.org/
People’s Institute NW http://www.pinwseattle.org/
Seattle Young People’s Project (SYPP) http://sypp.org/

Give Back

Sinner Saint Burlesque encourages you to use your privilege and influence to give a little something back to the community in which the Revolution venue, Theatre Of Jackson, resides. Asian Counseling and Referral Service promotes social justice and the well-being and empowerment of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders and other underserved communities – including immigrants, refugees, and American-born – by developing, providing and advocating for innovative, effective and efficient community-based multilingual and multicultural services. We specifically invite our producers, cast, and audience to support two of their programs: the King Street Food Bank and the Children Youth, and Families Department.

King Street Food Bank

Please consider bringing one of the following food donations to the show: canned protein items (tuna, salmon, chicken, mackerel), mung/red beans, soy sauce, dry noodles, rice (Calrose or Jasmine), seaweed and cooking oil, shelf-stable items like Chinese sausage.

Children, Youth and Families Department

Children, Youth and Families Department offers youth opportunities for leadership development, skills building, cultural navigation and support through positive relationships, peer support, and group and individual mental health counseling. Many immigrant children do not get to participate in activities we make take for granted. From ACRS:
– Many of our immigrant and refugee clients have never gone to a movie in the US. A $25 gift card to http://www.fandango.com/ will help them go to the movies and enjoy refreshments like popcorn and a drink.
– A $75 VISA cash gift card will allow us to purchase up to (5) tickets for our clients in the Children, Youth and Family program to attend a Seattle Mariners game.
– Many clients in the Children, Youth and Family program would love the opportunity to get their nails done for a high school dance, help us purchase a $75 VISA cash gift card to use at a local nail salon.
– (15) Tickets to Sno-king Ice arenas would allow one of our youth groups to go ice skating this holiday season. Tickets may be purchased here: http://snokingrenton.com/public-skating
– (10) Washington State Ferry tickets would allow one of our youth groups to go to the Mochi Festival in Bainbridge Island. Tickets may be purchased here: https://wave2go.wsdot.com/Webstore/shop/ViewItems.aspx?CG=21&C=20.

– A $25 gift card to Target will allow senior center members to purchase winter items like warm socks, sweaters, blankets, bags, umbrellas and flashlights.

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