The Sacred and The Profane

… where good is irreverent and evil is irrelevant.

The sacred and the profane exist as two sides of the same coin. The earth itself has become a dwelling place for the divine. Explore this tantalizing dichotomy with the ladies of Sinner Saint Burlesque and discover just how tempting it is when the depraved and the worshipful collide. Partake in sensual spirituals and convene with decadent deities. Allow us to lead you to the gardens of pleasure and delights. Sinner Saint Burlesque presents, “The Sacred and The Profane”, where good is irreverent and evil is irrelevant.

In 2016, Sinner Saint produced Sacred Profane at Seattle Immersive Theatre along side special guests Jesse Belle-Jones, Namii, Miss Briq House, and Maggie McMuffin.

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